First and foremost, I love comics.

I love the art. I love the stories. I love the history. I even love the ads on the back covers. And that's why traditional backing boards have always bothered me--in order to properly protect a comic, you have to hide half of it.

When I got my first Comic Clear prototype, the first comic I grabbed was a beat up, low-grade copy of Uncanny X-men #1. Even with chipping, tears and stains, something about flipping a bagged and boarded comic over and seeing it in 360 degrees took my breath away. Until you try one of these for yourself, you can't fully appreciate how uniquely your comics present with a clear backing board.

As a collector, I want to share that experience with the rest of the community. My goal is for Comic Clear to be the highest-quality, most cost-effective clear backing boards on the market, bar none. 

Thanks for your interest and support, and happy collecting!

--Steven, Collector / Founder